Hidden Secrets Salon's Appointment Policies


Appointment & Reschedule Policy:

As a courtesy to other clients and our Hidden Secrets Technicians and Staff, we require a 24 hour notice for any appointment cancellations or for rescheduling. Any appointment rescheduling or cancellations made within 24 hours before there scheduled appointment time, clients may be subjected to a $25.00 deposit appointment fee. The $25.00 deposit is to ensure that clients hold their scheduled appointment day and time. This deposit will be non-additional to their appointment and will be non-refundable if the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours in advanced. The $25.00 deposit appointment fee varies for all prices $25.00 or more, other service prices under $25.00 will be subjected to full service deposit of the service price. More than 3 reschedule or cancelled appointments, clients may be subjected to a deposit in the full service amount. Full service deposit will be non-additional to their appointment, but non-refundable ifany future appointments are rescheduled or cancelled with 24 hours before there appointment time.


Late Appointments Policy:

All appointments are held for a period of 10 minutes after the schedule appointment time. Should you not arrive within the 10 minute period, client may be subjected to either the full cost of their appointment (Example: You booked for 1 hour fill, came 15 minutes later, you will still be charged for 1 Hour fill and no discount for 45 minutes.), or possible rescheduling their appointment and an additional $25.00 fee. If clients are late more than 3 times, clients may be subjected to a deposit in the full service amount for future appointments. Full deposits will be non-additional to their appointments and will not be discounted full amount if late arrival, and non-refundable if clients no show, cancel, or reschedule before 24 hours.



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